Honda Owners Club (GB)
Management Committee

Full contact details are available to members


Andy 'Dibble' Young Chairman

Andy 'Dibble' Young

Graham Seymour General Secretary

Graham Seymour

Graham Gull Membership Secretary

Graham Gull

Ruth Stryczko Treasurer

Ruth Stryczko

Rona Bell Regalia Secretary

Rona Bell

Chris Ward Classic Secretary

Chris Ward

Jude Browne Golden Wing Editor

Jude Browne
Erica Gassor Advertising Manager

Erica Gassor

Stritchy Web Designer

Andy 'Stritchy' Stryczko

Stephen Davenport Saddle Sore Shield

Stephen Davenport

Ruth Stryczko Display Materials

Ruth Stryczko

John Measures Accident Legal Advisor

John Measures


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